Frank Kern Review

Who is Frank Kern?

Frank Kern Review

I have been interested in Frank Kern for a number of years. During this time, I have watched him change and grow. Eventually, he became a top marketer. His image and website are extremely professional.

The first time I saw him he had a conservative haircut, was wearing a suit jacket and looked exactly as I imagined a top professional in his field should. The reason I became interested in him is that he turned eBooks into successful products.

I believed he could show me the tips and tricks I needed to learn to become successful. I started watching all of his videos, reading his books and eventually signed up for one of his webinars.

If you are interested in learning about direct response marketing, the techniques you can learn from Frank are invaluable. He has become popular and very well known for the creation of branded concepts including:

  • Day Cash Machine
  • Intent Based Branding
  • Behavioral Dynamic Response

The latter is a method for automated marketing that will effectively customize your marketing messages to increase the speed of your sales cycle. Everything is based on the behavior of your prospect.

Frank is also an author with two titles to his credit. He is the author of Convert, a book showing the way internet marketing is used by entrepreneurs for business growth. The second book is How to Get Consulting Clients Faster.

Approximately 25 years ago, Frank was working as a cook at a fast-food restaurant, made $4.95 per hour and was homeless. His life began to change when he purchased a course called Make Money on the Internet.

He started working door-to-door sales while picking up odd jobs to gradually increase his net worth. Once he learned the critical sales methods from his experience on the internet and door-to-door, he started making real money.

His key income source was selling eBooks. What is impressive is he did not have any experience in the topics covered by his books. The reason his income and success increased was due to his experience in marketing and sales.

Frank is happily married with three kids. Once his reputation as a successful and highly visible marketer was established, he entered the last phase of his professional evolution.

He is a marketing instructor teaching professionals interested in increasing their profits. His website is one of the best I have ever seen. This is where you can purchase four different courses.

Frank's courses will teach you the secrets of increasing your sales, making more money and living the life you want.

Courses Offered by Frank Kern

Currently, Frank is offering four courses available to the general public. Each course is unique, created to help you become successful and explained in detail below.

Mass Conversion

Mass Conversion

This is a training program at the beginner and intermediate levels. The online class is for four weeks and a great option if generating qualified leads for your company is one of your business goals. The program will teach you how to:

  • Create lead magnets quickly and simply.
  • Attract new customers by determining the ideal lead magnet.
  • Use advertising for driving targeted traffic from your qualified prospects.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your existing customers using Ascension.
  • Capture online leads by building an automated system, then send marketing messages.

Client Acquisition System

Client Acquisition System

If you are in the professional services industry such as a consultant or coach, this training program will work well for your needs. The five-week course contains intermediate and advanced strategies to acquire your clients online.

This system will teach you valuable information you need to become successful including how to:

  • The specific amount to charge your clients to ensure the ideal practice.
  • Prospects most likely to pay more with less resistance.
  • Determining the perfect number of clients through reverse engineering for your lifestyle goals and income targets.
  • Convert your best prospects into extremely interested leads using the Midlevel, Low Hanging Fruit and Cold Campaigns.
  • Produce maximum revenue by using your most valuable work.
  • Use Omnipresence to attract your prospects directly to you.
  • Use the discovery day, interview-takeaway and collaborative close methods to convert your leads into clients.

Info Business Blueprint

Info Business Blueprint

This online training program lasts for five weeks and is created for intermediate and advanced level entrepreneurs. If you are interested in selling informative products for business growth, this is the ideal course for your needs.

You will learn numerous proven marketing strategies for your niche. If you work in the professional services industry as a consultant or coach, this course is especially helpful. The course will teach you how to:

  • Validate the potential success of your idea through the Market Validation Method.
  • Use the Content Compounding approach for quickly producing and publishing your product.
  • Use advertising for driving targeted and qualified traffic directly to your website.
  • Select the perfect digital type of product for your specific market.
  • Use the Arrival and Escape framework for outlining your product content.
  • Use the four exclusive and key selling systems for the Information business online for selling your products.

Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

If you are a beginner or intermediate entrepreneur, you should consider this training program. The online, 28-day course will teach you all of the strategies proven to effectively sell products using webinars. Frank will teach you:

  • The secrets of targeting your ideal prospects most likely to acknowledge your webinar offers and respond.
  • How to increase trust and goodwill by using Pre-Indoctrination before your registrants attend.
  • How to achieve maximum sales conversion using the 12-part Ultimate Offer Formula.
  • How to make a strong sales offer and provide exceptional content by creating your webinar using the six-part formula.
  • How to provide your registrants with offers using the Liquidator prior to the start of your webinar without damaging the performance of your webinar or sacrificing any goodwill.

What is Behavioral Dynamic Response?

Behavioral Dynamic Response

One of my favorite techniques is Behavioral Dynamic Response. This technique was developed by Frank to ensure success when internet marketing. This technique is effective because everything your potential customer is doing is tracked.

The tracking centers on the customer's ad campaign, then send customized and very specific marketing messages based on the behavior of each potential customer. A good example is if you own a business in the painting industry.

By creating a short video, you are able to attract new customers. Your video is essentially a lengthy painting tutorial using the products your company is selling. You then look at the indicators for your initial response.

Your marketing event would consist of starting and finishing your video, clicking the link directly below your video and looking at the art store you own. For this behavior dynamic scenario, you would send an email to anyone that has not watched your video.

You then remind new customers to watch your video. By placing a time limit on how long your video is available, you create a sense of urgency. The core concept of the majority of Frank's products is behavior dynamic response. This includes:

  • Info Business Blueprint
  • Ultimate Webinar Blueprint
  • Mass Conversion
  • Client Acquisition System

Are the Courses Worth the Money?

Frank Kern has spent numerous years working with some of the most successful entrepreneurs. I have no doubt he has the ability to determine the most effective strategies for using internet marketing to scale your business.

If you want to understand how the world of internet marketing works, his courses are a good way to begin. Each course was created for a specific reason.

If you intend to become a highly successful entrepreneur, you must determine which areas of your business lack insight. Use your analysis to determine which course is best suited to your specific needs.

I have learned a lot from Franks. If you are thinking about working with him as a consultant, the training programs are the ideal way to start.

What Else Does Frank Do?

My favorite quote was when he said if you want to be successful, you need to put yourself out there then work like hell. Frank keeps himself busy and his online courses are only a part of his success story. He also wrote several books including:

  • The Snowball Book Launch
  • How a $175,000 per month business was created in 90 days based on consulting
  • Convert is a simple formula responsible for the sale of $450 million in online products

In 2016, Frank hosted a show on Facebook for a brief time called The Frank Kern Show. He also hosted the Your Next Million podcast ending in 2019.

The Bottom Line

Frank's main website is This is where you can find four different courses available for entrepreneurs. All of the courses last for a few weeks with a cost of around $3,000.

His courses are daily and intensive programs for business individuals interested in learning how to increases sales, find the ideal products to sell and market them correctly.

Some of the best internet marketers in the world attribute part or all of their success to the teachings of Frank Kern. The list includes:

  • Brian Dean
  • Noah Kagan
  • Clay Collins
  • Harsh Aggarwal
  • Peep Laja

There are hundreds of smaller businesses in online sales stating Frank's courses were their starting point. These small businesses turned into profitable companies for nearly every segment in the market including beauty products and eBooks.

I have a lot of respect for Frank because he teaches what he lives. According to the student reviews I have read, the cost of the courses is reasonable considering the value you receive.

The core of Frank's new consulting business is in-depth tutorials teaching you how to drive traffic, create lead magnets, acquire clients, build your business and sell webinars.


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